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Public Service Announcement airing and postings are to relate to free events or fundraisers open to the community. The Community Connection on-air announcement and event web listing are free services. We try to accommodate as many appropriate events as possible. Based on the number of requests, we cannot guarantee their posting or announcement (nor provide you with the times it will air).

The Community Connection is pre-recorded and runs weekdays between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. If your event gets aired, it will air at least once over one week prior to the event date. Event web postings can be over a couple weeks.

At least 3 weeks in advance, provide your event information to be considered for airing and posting on our events web page. We request that you fill out the form below. If this is not possible, you can email or fax to the attention of ‘Community Connection’ at promo@faithfm.org or fax 519-575-9119. We require concise information (what, when, where, who, contact).

To ensure your event gets mentioned you may want to consider cost effective advertising.

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